Return on Insight

A Timberland® Brand Case Study


A critical factor in VF’s success is our deep insight into consumers – what they wear ... what they think ... what they value ... who they are. These insights are the product of a rigorous and intensely collaborative process between our brands and our Consumer Insights team. This illustration portrays the interactive approach that connected the Timberland® brand with consumers in an authentic and successful way.

  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Future Growth
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It begins as a journey of discovery ... from market surveys to hours spent one-on-one with consumers. We uncover their preferences and deeply understand their needs. We talk to people who live the category lifestyle; in this instance, men and women who live in or near the city, care deeply about style, and need footwear and apparel that can keep up with their spontaneous outdoor lifestyle.


We use what we learn to refine or even rebuild the brand’s DNA and to inform a strategy that defines the brand’s real sweet spot – not only to satisfy, but to inspire the consumer.


Our insights guide product development and marketing, and create a retail experience that will consistently win with consumers. We stay close to the consumer; we adjust and fine-tune as our learning evolves.

Future Growth

This cycle of investing time and money is an effort that plays out over and over again – keeping our strategies on track to build our brands and connect with consumers over the long term. It helps define One VF as a collaborative organization that delivers a great brand experience and first-rate total shareholder return.

Explore the market Identify the target, size the opportunity Deeply understand consumer needs
Refine the brand DNA Bring DNA to life with brand playbook
Guide product development and marketing Create a winning retail experience
Optimize strategic choices Build the brand long-term
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