Eric C. Wiseman 2,3*
Chairman, President
& Chief Executive Officer
Director since 2006, Age 58

Richard T. Carucci 1,3
Yum! Brands Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky
Director since 2009, Age 56

Juliana L. Chugg 1,2,4
Senior Vice President &
President, Meals Division
General Mills Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Director since 2009, Age 46

Juan Ernesto de Bedout 1,2,3
Former Group President
Latin American Operations
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Roswell, Georgia
Director since 2000, Age 69

Ursula O. Fairbairn 4,5
President & Chief
Executive Officer
Fairbairn Group LLC
Sarasota, Florida
Director since 1994, Age 71

George Fellows 1,4
Chief Executive Officer
G. F. Enterprise L.L.C.
Jupiter, Florida
Director since 1997, Age 71

Robert J. Hurst 2,3,4
Managing Director
Crestview Partners LLC
New York, New York
Director since 1994, Age 68

Laura W. Lang 3,5
Managing Member
Narragansett Ventures
New York, New York
Director since 2011, Age 58

W. Alan McCollough 4,5
Former Chairman of the Board
Circuit City Stores Inc.
Richmond, Virginia
Director since 2000, Age 64

Clarence Otis, Jr. 1,2,4
Chairman & Chief
Executive Officer
Darden Restaurants Inc.
Orlando, Florida
Director since 2004, Age 57

Matthew J. Shattock 3,5
President & Chief
Executive Officer
Beam Inc.
Deerfield, Illinois
Director since 2013, Age 51

Raymond G. Viault 2,3,5
Former Vice Chairman
General Mills Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Director Since 2002, Age 69

Committees of the Board:   1 Audit Committee   2 Executive Committee   3 Finance Committee   4 Nominating and Governance Committee  
5 Compensation Committee * Ex officio member